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الإنضمام كراعي

  • What is the incubator camp?
    It is an intensive camp that aims to support emerging ideas and projects and provide them with a wide range of services and resources, from providing workspaces, experts, mentors, and advisory and advisory support for an incubation period starting from a month and a half, targeting emerging ideas and projects that need support And empowerment to be able to enter the market and compete.
  • What does the Work Corner Incubator offer?
    The WorkCorner business incubator offers a comprehensive support camp for entrepreneurs with ideas and entrepreneurs in various sectors; To enable their innovative ideas and develop their projects, by providing an incubation camp that includes elite mentors, trainers and experts; To provide advisory and guidance services and workshops in the areas of: business models, business plans, economic feasibility studies, team building, branding and marketing, pricing, and others, in addition to giving a stimulating space to entrepreneurs that enables them to develop their projects, products and joint workspaces, to build and develop concepts And their prototypes, evaluating their costs and marketability, and finally linking up with investors and appropriate funding agencies at the end of the incubation period.
  • ​ What are the conditions for my entitlement to the certificate provided by the incubator?
    The conditions for eligibility for the certificate are the commitment to attendance throughout the camp period and the participation of those in charge of it with all the required details as required by the requirements of each camp.
  • What are the target fields?
    - Educational platforms - Data and digitization - Medical logistics services - Health and convalescence facilities - Public health (healthy cafes and restaurants - children's safe and sound educational and entertainment centers - healthy meals - safe games - therapeutic home services - entertainment Sports )
  • Are there specific dates for camp?
    Yes, there are specific dates for the camp and they will be updated periodically. To view them, click here.
  • What is the registration mechanism for the camp?
    Register via the Health Valley Camp website via the following link: here
  • What are the stages of the WorkCorner Business Incubator Camp and the duration of each stage?
    The camp is divided into three phases: -1- The first stage is registration and receiving applications, and the best 40 participants are filtered to qualify for the first stage. -2- The second stage, for a month and a half, with the participation of the 20 best male and female entrepreneurs. -3- The Presentation Stage, which includes an exhibition and ceremony for awarding companies, and provides opportunities for emerging companies to present their projects.
  • When does the application period start?
    The application period begins in July 2023 and ends in August 2023
  • Where is the camp held?
    ​ in Abha. Work Corner Incubator.
  • Does the attendance of some of the team members replace the rest of the meetings and workshops during the interview and camp phases?
    ​ Yes, the attendance of all team members is not required. The presence of the business owner (the founding team) is sufficient, and it is preferred that another member of the team be present.
  • What are the obligations of joining the camp?
    Commitment to attend throughout the camp period, and to share with those in charge of it all the required details as required by the requirements of the camp. Approval will be obtained on the legal requirements of the camp, which will be shared with those accepted in the camp after admission to the camp and before the actual start of the camp.
  • Are there financial fees for registering in the health camp?
  • How do I make sure that my order has arrived?
    A confirmation message will be sent to the email entered in the registration form.
  • In the event of other inquiries, how can I communicate?
    You can contact the following e-mail or By calling 0558788819


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